Laundry and other To-Do’s.

It’s laundry day.

That means, I hang out at my favourite café Laundromat, drink heaps of coffee and treat myself a fancy breakfast, while getting things done online. My neighbours seem to have gone on holiday, and switched off their router, so I can’t access their Internet. Pretty selfish of them, don’t you think…

My friend Malin was here just earlier and we had a coffee in the morning sun, as she updated me on her trip to Portugal and the men in her life.

She also so kindly offered me to stay at her place in August, just after I stay at another friends place, and before I spend the last few nights at the hotel…

My life is as usual a puzzle, with pieces that seem to lay perfectly in place at the last minute.

This weekend I go to Trondheim.

I only really booked the flight because, well it was the only weekend I didn’t already have anything planned and I wanted to see something else in Norway before I leave. And I have a few friends up there that I’d love to catch up with.

Two friends have offered me to crash at their couches.

I swear, once I have a place to call my home, I’m getting a guest room that will be as open as my heart.

Now, I only need to sort out where to stay in Gothenburg over the Way Out West weekend and the last couple of nights in Stockholm before I leave for Bali….

But first, I’ve got a long list of To Do’s regarding my flight tickets, visa’s, vaccine, bank accounts, phone contract, gym card, dentist and hair-dressers appointments.

And of course, my laundry.