Kent at the Opera House roof

If I had to name one band that has continuously spun my stereo over the last 15 years, Kent would be it.

Kent represent my country, my language and culture, the good and the bad.

They have had a lot of radio hits back in Sweden and in many ways they are for the great masses, but who cares? They have given up on being difficult and these days they play for the mere fun of it.

Me and Malin caught their show at the Oslo Opera House roof last Saturday. The weather forecast had predicted a perfectly sunny evening but 5 minutes into the show a storm drew in.

We only had one poncho, which we shared sisterly. A sticky, fun experience.

After the rain the sky turned beautifully pink, creating a perfect back drop to the old and new songs, the past and the present.

The final song, “Utan dina andetag” from 1997, had a new back beat, but the same bleeding beauty.

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