On my way…Way Out West!

I am on the bus to Gothenburg, Sweden.

I have no idea what is in my bag, or if the clothes I stuffed down are even clean.

I left 5 cases of things in Jenny’s apartment and rushed out without cleaning properly.

I remembered to water the sunflower I bought her but didn’t have time to write a note.

I had planned to get so much done today, and really had no desire to come in for work when the hotel manager woke me up this morning.

But, I got to the bus just in time, and now I’m on my way…


My friend Nicolas has given me instructions to his apartment and left the door open. He won’t be home before midnight which gives me some time to at least shower.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a whole bunch of other people. And together, we will enjoy 3 days of Sweden’s best music festival and some of my all-time favourite bands.

I’m so excited!