It’s in the air

The last breath of summer came with a steady glow of sunshine.

We had almost lost hope, but that summer feel finally set in and made all the wait worth while.

I’m reminded how much I love this season that is lurking in the trees:

The slow shift of colour on leaves, the fresh breeze.

The changes of nature, inside and outside of myself.

But this year, I won’t be here for my two favourite months of the year; September and October.

I will be in humid and hot South East Asia.

If only I could take this air with me…

It was the perfect temperature on Sunday evening when Maria and I lazed around Grunerlökka and Grönland, hung out in the park with friends, had Campari and ginger beer until the sky turned pink.

If only I could take my friends with me…

With one more week before I go, I am beginning to realize that this is happening. It’s all paid and prepared: the tickets, the insurance, the vaccine and the visas. The only thing that remains is the packing. And the actual trip.

I am staying with Malin for this last week and she has been a life saver. Not only does she keep my nerves in check, she will also lets me store some stuff at her place for the seven months I am away. And when my mom, brother and his girlfriend comes on Friday, we can all borrow the apartment.

I might be able to take Malin with me actually…as she is thinking about coming down to Cape Town in February or March. I’m already thrilled to share it with her.

First though, we will enjoy these last summer days together.

And I will breathe as much air as possible.