Leaving the safe harbour

I’m sitting in Malin’s living room, listening to the rain picking on the window pane. I’m alone as she took a train to our home town this morning.

The same town that my mother, brother and his girlfriend left this afternoon. Soon they will rush in here with luggage, loud and lively after their 8 hours road trip.

But now, it’s just me and the rain.

I need this moment to collect my thoughts.

It was my last work day today, which was strange, because even though we had a farewell gathering for me with cake, gifts and hugs, i still can’t believe I won’t set foot there for seven months.

As tired as I am after the last week’s stress and overtime, I will miss walking through the hotel door in the morning, feeling the smell of croissants from the kitchen as I have my first cup of coffee and get ready for the many encounters of the day.

I needed this time in Oslo to remember how great routines are, but now I need to remember something else.

Something that can only come from the challenges of the travels I have ahead of me; moving from place to place, feeling weary, feeling alone amongst hundreds of people but still connected, the locked-up thoughts and emotions that begin to surface.

Am I prepared? Not at all.

But Malin and I sat in this couch together yesterday and had warm scones and tea and talked for hours. And we agreed on this:

Whatever we encounter in life we find a way to deal with.

Please remind me, when I forget.