Partying away the 20’s

Tropical sunny skies.

Turquoise water lapping the white sand beach.

– I’ll have another frozen orange slushy please. Make that with vodka.

I find myself on Gili Islands, just outside Lombok in Indonesia.

I came here after my 7 days health and yoga venture in Ubud and I was craving a good drink!

Already the first day I met a whole bunch of people from Brazil, Canada, Sweden and Australia.

And next thing I knew we were toasting local Bintang beer in the sunset before hitting the strip of reggae bars and restaurants, chatting and cheering like only fellow travellers do:

Without a worry in the world.

It turns out I made the right choice to celebrate my birthday here because my new found friends were lovely, singing for me at the strike of twelve, sharing great conversations and love.

My body got its share of alcohol alright and I, who never get hung over felt embarrassingly shaky as the whole staff of my hotel came and sang for me during breakfast with chocolate brownie, which, as delicious as it was, I couldn’t finish.

I’ve been staying at Scallywags for 4 nights and have loved it! The staff is so sweet and personal and I’ve even made friends with the general manager and his family. I treated myself to this place although it was outside my backpackers budget but I got a good deal and the breakfast buffet, the awesome coffee, the pool, the fresh linen, the towels, the a/c, free water bottle per day, wifi and tv totally made up for it.

And did I mention the slushies?

On the day of my birthday I went snorkeling boat trip with my new friends.

And in the evening met up with Emma, Linn and Mikaela, now considered old friends, since the flight from Stockholm, the overnight in Doha and the crazy Kuta experience. We had a barbeque dinner on the beach at Scallywags and feeling a lot fitter, I finished the whole brownie and chocolate truffle dessert.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Katja who I met in Ubud and we had more frozen orange slushies and she gave me a beautiful bracelet for my birthday.

I am moving over to Gili Air in a few hours and spending the next couple of  days diving and chilling over there.

With less alcohol involved.

After all, I am 30 years old now.