Eazy like Sunday morning

The monsoon rain is hammering on the plastic roof top of the Reggae Mansion Hostel, on the island of Penang in South West Malaysia.

It is Sunday morning and me and Pete, and English guy in my dorm, were just about to head out for a day trip to Penang Hill for a nice lookout on the island. But now we sit and wait.

Pete is fascinated by sounds and travels with a sound recorder to catch the calls for prayers, bustling bazaars and sweeping waves. I wonder if he is recording the rain. I am afraid he might record my sleep-talking tonight.

I need to decide whether to go to Langkawi Islands, further North in Malaysia tomorrow, or if that is just asking for more rain. I could catch a flight to Bangkok, in which case I should notice my friend who lives there. There are also flights to Phuket from where I could head over to Phi Phi Islands.

Oh, the daily troubles of backpacking.

I spent two days in Kuala Lumpur with Mikaela, a Swedish friend, not because we really liked the city, but because it provided huge, well-planned and practical shopping malls, where I picked up bargain clothes, of which I shipped half home for the cost of a Swedish sandwich.

I am loving this travelling life and feel so fortunate, fantastic and free!

Whether you are on the road, at work or cuddled up in bed on this Sunday morning, I wish you the same!