Penang – Phuket – Phi Phi

I am in Patong Beach, Thailand.

The only place I really didn’t want to go!

I had heard stories for years about how commercialized this place is. And still, here I am, only because I was too lazy to look into anything, so I just caught a cheap flight from Penang to Phuket thinking there would be plenty of options from here. When I arrived at 2.30 pm I had just missed the last ferry to Ko Phi Phi.

Oh well, it gives me an excuse to stay in tonight, because I’m coming down with a cold, which explains why I have had a sore throat and very little energy for two days.

I am staying in a little boutique hotel for double the cost of what a backpacker’s guest house would cost, but at least I got the standard room and bargained it down because of the lack of windows (which I’m actually happy about, since there is nothing to see anyway)

So Mom, if you are reading this, this is how I spent that extra cash you so kindly put on my account! Thank you!

Now, I’m gonna crawl up in my comfy, big bed with a cup of tea and watch sit-coms until I fall asleep.

So that I’m fit for this tomorrow… 🙂