Connecting wires in Vietnam

I arrived Vietnam exactly one month and five countries after I left Bali.

Time is a strange term when you’re travelling.

You can trick it and trade it, steal it and stretch it, like the endless electric wires of Hanoi…

A millions of moments, countless faces and places connect, in a continuous flow. But perhaps it’s not until years later you really see the light.

Life on the road has no boundaries although it has borders.

In the last 14 days I have spent 35 hrs on night trains, 30 hours on a boat, 15 hours on buses, 3 days on foot, 3 hrs in a taxi, 2 hrs on a plane, 1 hr in a kayak and many risky moments on mopeds.

I have travelled from the traffic frantic Saigon…

via the chilled out and charming Hoi An…

to the capital of Hanoi, where I’ve hung out in the Old Quarter and with some lovely people.

From there I have cruised into Halong Bay…

and trekked around the hills and valleys of Sapa.

And even with every second I have managed to squeeze into my stream I still wish I had more time.

From the pure pleasure of Vietnamese food, consumed in fancy restaurants or on plastic stools on the side walk, to the breath-taking scenery, mountains of joy, lazing and laughing at bars or in hotel rooms.

A few days ago I was swimming peacefully in a waterfall in a small tribal village of Sapa, last night I was partying it up with fellow backpackers in Hanoi.

In three days I’ll be in India.

A life time from now.