Women of the World

In my sleeping car to Sapa there is a 65 year old Japanese house wife, travelling by herself. She keeps a journal of food she has enjoyed and friends she has made. She is radiant like a sunrise and hopeful like the sky.

On my bus in Thailand there are two girls communicating in sign language and I want to tell them how beautiful and brave they are but all I can do is smile and accept their smiles in return.

At the youth hostel in Hanoi three drunken Australian women offers me a drink and their home addresses.

In a tribal village in North Vietnam, Lily, 18 year old, carries her first born on her back. She giggles when I tell her that I’m single at the age of 30.

A silver-haired American woman on my flight to Phnom Penh also had children when she was 18. Now she is on a mission to work with HIV-positive children in Cambodia.

In my inbox there are messages from my closest girlfriends, asking me for advice on fears and feelings and all I want to do is light their spark and blow air into the flames.

Women will depend on women and the World will depend on us.