Heaven is in Hampi

I have been sitting here starring at a blank page for ten minutes because frankly, words fall flat to the beauty I’ve witnessed in the last couple of days.

Walking amongst the giant ruins and rocks of Hampi, relics of ancient kingdoms and temples, one is transcended to another realm where time and space might exist, but simply lose its meaning.

Hampi is a piece of heaven on Earth.

It is also a piece of quiet in India.

And after leaving Varkala for Allepey, making a house boat river cruise of the backwaters, catching another train via Cochin to Calicut, surviving the roller coaster bus rides between the hills and mountains of Wayanad, getting off at the wrong bus stop and deciding to impulsively jump on a wild life safari, spotting a wild elephant amongst other impressive animals, getting sick again at an ayuervedic centre and spending three days in Mysore in a rickshaw going from one sari and silk shop to another…(and of course I have tons of photos of all this that I will show you when I have decent Internet speed)

Three days in Hampi has been a beautiful breather.

It has given me an opportunity to reflect and my sore neck to recover and we have met some lovely people that we are traveling onwards with.

Our twelve hour night bus to Goa leaves in three hours. Let’s hope it doesn’t brake down like the last one did after just 20 minutes.

And if for any reason it does, and I for any reason don’t make it to Goa, I know Heaven is a beautiful place.