(Passing through) The Gateway of India

Today is my last day in India.

Tonight I board a plane for South Africa.

In a couple of hours I will set foot on the land I love most beneath my feet and feel the breeze that makes my whole being tingle. I will see my best friends, our hearts re-united in a ceaseless smile, millions of hugs and kisses and three months of magic sunsets, dances under the stars and parties that never have to end!

Just the thought of it makes my every muscle stifle, my shoulders rise to my ears where they meet the corners of my smile in a loud and long WEEEEEEEEEEEEEI!!!!!! 🙂

To say that I am excited is an understatement!

But I am a little sad to leave India.

It has been such a beautiful and overwhelming experience and India has exceeded all my expectations.

In fact, before I left all I heard was horror stories and warnings.

But perhaps I leave this country just in time before all the haggling, the rip-offs, the contradictions, the confusion, the dirt and din really got to me.

After our second night bus broke down and the third was a dragged out torture, I did find comfort in the fact that it was the last one in a very long time.

Like a multicolored mandala the last five weeks blend together in a beautiful pattern. The bustle of Delhi, the craziness of Varanasi, the majesty of Taj Mahal, the colours of Kerala, the Shivananda ashram in Trivandrum, the cliffs of Varkala, the houseboat cruise in Allepey, the little stopover in Calicut, Wayanad wild life, shopping in Mysore, falling in love with Hampi, chilling out in Southern Goa and partying it up in Northern Goa.

And of course, the many moments in between.

Where the real journey resides.

It all comes to an end here in Mumbai, or Bombay, by the great Gateway of India.

A gateway I know I will be pass through many times.