Distance got nothing on us

I woke up way too early in my friend’s apartment with last night’s makeup and an aching head. But the sun was shining and I had an important Skype date to attend…

No matter the distance and the many years that go by, there is no place like my best friend’s house and that hour when the morning sun reflects on the snow outside.

And no comfort as the familiar sound of her voice and our hometown dialect, as we share stories and secrets meant for no one else.

Mio and Minna are growing up to be the most charming, loving and wonderful children and Frida and Andreas keep finding ways to grow and evolve, even after fifteen years together. They are a source of inspiration and a place I will always call home.

Saknar dej bästis och ser fram emot att mysa med hela familjen Löfling snart! Älskar dej! ❤