Something new to remember

From the eight floor apartment and through the open three metres high windows I see the sun slowly setting behind the mountain and the easy, breezy golden day is exchanged to a much darker and daring night.

I lay and listen to the sound of taxis and foreign language, one of many in this city, as the beautiful but occasionally scrapy vinyl song is spinning a beautiful track.

Just like my life.

I can’t stop thinking about a theory I heard, that all life’s events and encounters are meant to push you forward, to make you learn – or remember. And until you do, you face the same situations.

And I look around my life, full of amazing people, roof top parties, food lovers markets, lazy beach days following late nights out, coffees and cocktails, conversations drunk with love.

Life as I know it.

Ever since I came here a month ago I have been waiting for some kind of revelation or insight. But my head has been empty, my thoughts a constant stream of contentment.

There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said before.

I have told you all about my love for this place, how my senses are so alive here but also how I try to be present wherever I am, even when life is a rollercoaster, I try to enjoy the ride.

I know these previous thoughts have materialized into the world I face today. I know, because I can track it on this blog – 794 posts and 4,5 years later. I know I have made choices to be where I am and that I am constantly choosing where I am going.

I know so much, yet this song…beautiful as it is, keeps playing on repeat.

There seems to be something new to remember.