It’s a Wild World

I’m stealing a moment of this short pit stop to update on the last days’ experience.

I’m afraid if I don’t it will be too overwhelming to convey later. Already five days into the Southern African trip I have witnessed more nature and wildlife than in my thirty years.

I have showered in the spray of the amazing Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, walked with lions, seen flocks of giraffes, elephants, impalas and zebras, ridden canoes into the depths of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, only a few metres from the the worlds most dangerous animal, the hippo, and swam in the same waters as crocodiles.

I have slept in primitive bush camps, under million of stars and walked in fields glowing from fireflies. I have cruised silently amongst water lilies with my fingers resting in the smooth sweet water, my face smiling towards the sun, and laughed with my fellow travellers.

I have spent long hours in our overland truck, gazing out on the landscape that seem to change from trees to sand the closer we get to Namibia and I have reflected on my life, like one always does in states of travelling.

Thoughts without any final destination.