A day on solid ground

This morning; a thousands migrating birds, on a straight path across the sea.

The only witnesses; me and the fishermen.

Today; a free day spent strolling the beach, chilling out in the luxurious bed at the lodge, browsing the arts and crafts shops, drinking real coffee and enjoying a garlic and ginger-grilled calamari and mussel salad.

A day of pampering up for the rocky roads ahead.

We had a group dinner yesterday as we part ways with the two German girls.After this we will be a tight group of ten, all really happy, life-loving people. In fact, one of our tour guides yesterday confessed that he had rarely come across a group that was so easy-going, so grateful and kind. So encouraging that he decided to hike up the hill in Spitzkoppe with us and sleep under the stars for the first time in the 15 years he had been there.

Made me proud.

Of who I am right now.