Diving into the sky

I must have been a bird in my past life.

I love heights and I love travelling.

And yesterday, as I dived into the sky from a plane, 10 000 feet above ground, I felt like I was flying.

It was the most exciting, soul-stirring and wonderful feeling ever! I enjoyed every moment of it!

From boarding the little black dotted plane…

Sitting tightly nestled in with the crew and my fellow traveller Patrick.

Smiling, as the plane escalated into the sky…

The desert stretching for miles beneath us. The sand dunes. The ocean.

The mountain I had left that same morning…

To the moment just off the edge…

The pull of the World…

Letting go and being sucked into something wild!

A screaming smile and a 360° flip, a carousel of emotions!

The cameraman waving at me and I did something with my hands back.

Thumbs up. A peace sign. A blow-kiss. I can’t remember.

And suddenly. A pull and time slows down.

I’m flying, laughing, talking with the man behind me, making jokes with my mouth full of air. What a day to be alive, I think. Or maybe I said it out loud. I can’t remember.

I got to hold the handles.

Steer the wind beneath my wings.

Hold life in my hands.

Beneath me, Earth was waiting. Patrick. And a real cold beer.

I would have done it straight again even though my legs were shaking.

I wanted to be up there again.

Up with the birds.