The Big 5 (and the countless moments)

We have just come back from a safari weekend in Kruger National Park.

Something me and Malin first spoke of maybe a year ago, back in Oslo. And now it’s over.

I tried to be present in every moment of it.

Tried to capture the feeling of anticipation, gazing out on the bush which seemed to repeat itself into eternity. My thoughts continuously drifted to other places. The drowsiness of the ride made my eyelids heavy.

But with every spotted animal my attention and admiration grew.

Wilderness. Beauty. Danger.

By the end of the seven hours safari our group had come across all of the Big 5:

Lion, Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard. 

Something that is very rare, and that shouldn’t be an aim in itself if you are planning a safari.

We also saw plenty of Zebras, Giraffes, Impalas, Hippos and beautiful birds.

And a lot of bush.

Rolling back to the camp there was a comfortable silence in the truck. There just wasn’t anything to say.

We had booked a cheap tent at an adventure camp but got mystically upgraded to one of the charming five metres high tree houses with cosy beds and soft sheets.

The minor visits from mice and baboons were probably nothing in comparison to what we would have encountered camping.

We met a lot of great people from different countries, in different ages and if anything they reminded me that there is still so much travelling to be done, in all stages of life.

Time flies.

And I believe its looking down on us and all the other animals.

Wondering when we are going to understand what a beautiful world we live in.