Holidays are over

From across the room, piles of stuff are starring at me screaming: Get Packing!

But I choose to lie here in bed with a purring cat by my side. Just a little longer.

I’ve gotten sick again which makes it the forth case of tonsillitis in two months, and yet a reason why I really need to go home.

In all honesty, my time in Cape Town has had its ups and downs. Not only have I been sick a lot, I also got mugged off my favourite camera and my USB stick with six months travel photos, stayed in four different apartments and went bankrupt long ago. But because it was Malin’s first time in Cape Town I kind of ignored that. Which should keep me in debt for about a year.

On the upside I got to laugh with my best friends, enjoy these spectacular sights once more and meet someone that made me realize what I want – and what I don’t want.

I am ready to go home and get back in charge.

Of my health, my goals and ambitions.

Create some stability. Grow up.

See, I must have done something right in my previous life because everybody is always looking after me!

Right now, I feel unworthy of it all.

My mom tells me that there are wool scarfs and mittens waiting for me when I get home and if that isn’t enough she will keep me warm with hugs. My dad asked if I wanted to go skiing in the Rättvik slopes next weekend, because he just ‘wanted to spend time with me’

In Stockholm, Rättvik, Hudiksvall and Oslo people are waiting for me. Bibi said I could stay with her in Stockholm. Both Malin and Maria has offered me a room in Oslo until I find my own.

‘Up to you babe. No stress. I love you’ were Maria’s exact words.

Here in Cape Town, both Lorena and Tess opened up their hearts and homes to me.

I don’t know how to thank you enough. But I am dedicated to try.

See you on the strong side.