In transit

I am at my dad’s house in Rättvik, Dalarna. The sun is glistening on the snow-covered fields outside.

I keep warm by the fireplace inside.

Five days ago, I arrived Stockholm looking like a Christmas tree with pink shoe laces, a pink and purple hoodie and a multi-coloured embroidered yoga mat-case.

Around me, everyone was wearing dark designer coats, leather boots and fur hats.

But my grandfathers wife, Ursula, generously gave me a cashmere wool coat as a belated birthday gift and soon I was one of the flock.

In Stockholm I did what I always do on my return-visits: run around the city catching up with friends and family until everything becomes a blur of subways stops and coffee shops.

This time my Norwegian friend and colleague Karoline was in town so we made the most of it, meeting up for lunches and after work drinks with my friends Micke and Pontus.

I also made time to see Bibi, Lito and Jesper. And my cousin Filippa and her newly born daughter, Otilia.

It was love at first sight.

People’s lives have changed while I’ve been away.

I guess mine has too.

Although, while I travel on these trains in Sweden, carrying my luggage from place to place…

It all feels very familiar…