#45. Mando Diao – Bring Em In

Artist/Band: Mando Diao

Album: Bring Em’ In

Country: Sweden

Released: 2002 (August 2003 in USA)

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Favorite tracks: Motown Blood, Mr Moon, The Band, To China with Love and Lady.

This album came out the same year as The Hives, another big Swedish rock band, was having international success with “Hate To Say I Told You So”. And it is a mystery to me that Mando Diao didn’t receive the same attention when their songs are just as powerful but if anything, more melodious.

Many of the songs of the album are original demo-recordings from the young boys’ basement, which creates that raw garage sound.

According to Wikipedia the song “The Band” is about a fight between the band’s two singers. It was written when singer/songwriter Gustaf Norén wanted to leave the band and move away from their hometown of Borlänge in Dalarna. Björn Dixgård, the band’s other singer/songwriter, wrote the chorus of the song to Norén after their fight to reveal his side of the argument.

Norén returned to the band after hearing Dixgård’s song.

The band reconciled, and Norén wrote the verses to the song.

The rest is history.