Women: we share, we care

My friend at home calls me on a Sunday morning, crying.

Twenty minutes later I am in her kitchen.

She is feeling emotional and calls her boyfriend who is abroad but he doesn’t want to talk until he gets back, a month from now. She needs to stick it out.

Meanwhile a friend in Oslo is going through a depression. She tells her boyfriend she needs him to just be there. But he doesn’t understand how.

On my way to her place I happen to pass by a flower stand and decide to run in and buy her a bouquet.

She realizes her boyfriend has never brought her flowers.

In Switzerland my friend is sad, missing her boyfriend who is left in South Africa. She wants to talk, but the internet in Africa is slow and the connection is cut. Everything remains unspoken.

Speaking to my friend in Stockholm her story tears up my heart. She met a man four years ago and they were crazy in love and planning her move down to his home country, when her dad got sick and she had to stay in Sweden to take care of him.

As her dad got worse, her boyfriend stopped answering her messages and just disappeared. Four years later, he gets in touch and asks her to come visit him. She gets on a plane across the world and they spend three weeks together. When she gets back home he disappears again.

And she is alone with all her thoughts and feelings.

These are the stories we share, us women.

All this silent suffering caused by men,

we pour out and help each other carry.


We don’t always have the answers or know the right thing to say.

But we stay.