No sweat for a Swede in Oslo

I’m still amazed by how easy things are for us Swedes in Norway.

We are attractive employees and tenants, in a foreign country where we can speak our own language and make more money than we would anywhere else in the World.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that the only two minus; the lack of food culture and the high prices, can be fixed with a quick trip across the Swedish border.

So on Saturday, spontaneously, as everything these days, me and a girlfriend borrowed a car and drove 1,5 half over to Strömstad, a little seaside town on the East coast of Sweden where we packed the car with food and booze.

The next day, Sunday, my friend threw a brunch party that inspired to more spontaneous madness.

Monday, I went to see about a room in a shared apartment I had just found out about. It was perfect and I instantly got a great connection with the other tenants, two Icelandic women.

Tuesday they called and told me i was the chosen one and asked if I could come sign the contract the same day.

Tomorrow, I’ll have the keys! 🙂

As for the room I’ve stayed in for the last month there is nothing wrong with it but this new place was just a better deal. I get both a bedroom and a living room in one of the most attractive areas of Oslos, right on the square of Grunerlökka for the same price.

I need someone to take over my old room as soon as possible but just after sending out a simple message on the Facebook group “Swedes in Oslo” tonight I had about twenty replies in 10 minutes.

Too easy.