Today is such an awesome day!

The sun is shining, the air is warm with a cool breeze.

People are out and about, chillin’ at the cafés and in the parks.

Summer is here!

I’m spiritually and literally pumped after a killer ‘body pump’ session at the gym this morning where the instructor was throwing out boosting messages like ‘you are stronger than you think!’ and ‘if this is hurting right now, you are doing it right!’

I crawled out of there with shaking knees and a smile on my face.

Right next door to our apartment there was a backyard sale to support refugees in Syria. I bought a coffin, a little four string guitar (not that I know how to play – yet! 🙂 a vase, a cushion, two frames and three books for 500 kroner!

Slowly, a home is starting to form.

And I couldn’t be happier to share it with my two Icelandic roomies. While Eyrun was getting ready for a Pink concert with her girlfriends, me and Thorey spent time in the park, discussing the endless mystery of men while catching some freckles.

And now, I’m just talking a moment for myself before I’m off to meet Malin to check out The Great Gatsby at the charming, old Gimle movie theatre.

Life is soooo good!