The unpredictable sky

The colours of summer:

Green grass, blossoming lilacs, blue skies and a big bright sun.

But more than anything, it’s the smell.

The sweetest perfume unbottled.

I run along the river. I go with the flow. I fly on.

The evening air is warm. Embracing. Safe.

But suddenly the sky opens up. Slowly at first. Heavy at last.


With everything so beautiful around me, I’ve forgotten to call grandma for two weeks and when I open my e-mail I receive the news that she has lung cancer. I call. She is asleep but still happy to hear my voice.

Grandma is a fighter. But she is getting old. 

Me and mom talk for almost an hour. I cry a little but we agree. And then we laugh about the randomness of the fact that I bought a guitar and having red wine and mackerel straight out of the can for dinner.

I’m as unpredictable as the sky.