Midsummer and more

I work A LOT these days. I don’t have any vacation except for the last days of August and the first of September. Until then, I work pretty much 6 days a week.

BUT, I managed to take a few days off in June during Midsummer and made a quick tour to three places in Sweden:

24hrs in Stockholm. Barbecue and best friends at Skinnarviksberget overlooking Stockholm. Drinks at Debaser. A beautiful summer night walking home with Moa over the bridges and through the parks. Lunch in Sofo, last minute coffee with Bibi at the train station.

3 days in Rättvik. Midsummer celebrations, flowers, dancing around poles, eating, drinking, laughing and talking with my dad, sister, brother, his girlfriend, our childhood friends, grandma and her husband.

1 day in Hudik. Chilling out with mom and Smilla, the cat. Ice-cream with grandma and coffee with my uncle. Lunch with my girlfriend Beatrice, her Jamaican husband Fabian and their newborn son Theodore at their cosy balcony overlooking the lake.

My brother and I had breakfast in the sun before he drove me to the train station where I was to catch a three hours train to the airport and then a one hour flight to Oslo.

Just as we were saying goodbye, our mother came riding on her bike at the other side of the railway, on her way to work, waving and throwing blow kisses.

It’s always worth going home.