This is it

This is it.

I am reminded every time I run along the river, everytime I pass by the sign at the University of Art. And it makes me push harder.

Afterwards, I lay lazin’ in the sun, in the park where I live. Flashbacks from yesterday: dancing, drinking, random strangers, your familiar voice at the other end, sweet talking me to sleep.

This is it and I couldn’t be happier.

Summer is here in all its glory and although I work all weekends in July there is still so much time.

It’s so bright. It’s so possible.

I’ve got so many great people around me and even better yet, in a couple of weeks a piece of Cape Town will be here. First my good friend Paul and then my bestest, my sunflower, my Lorena! I’m excited beyond words!

After that a week in Sicily awaits and some time at home with family.

But that is later.

This is now.

This is it.