Dad & daughter weekend

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with visitors and work, ending last weekend with my Dad coming on Friday and my dear friend Vusi going back to South Africa on Sunday.

In three days we checked out a Farmers Market, a local Food Court, went to a classical concert at the Oscars Hall Royal Castle where a young boy completely swept me away with his violin and vulnerability, had a five course dinner at Eik, had drinks until late at LaWo terrace, danced to the coolest jazz-blues house band Frank Znort Quartet at BLÅ, spent an afternoon by the rooftop of the Opera House, strolled the street of Karl Johan.

And talked. And talked.

Dad also brought food to last me a year, fresh and pickled chanterelles, home made lingonberry jam, blueberry and raspberry jam, two kinds of chutney’s, different kinds of cheese and bread – and a bike! That’s right. I think my last one was stolen years ago, but now I have a semi-new, blue, awesome bike.

I’m so spoilt. I’m so blessed.