The Future at THE THIEF

This is the face of a woman who has just walked out of the doors of Oslo’s most highly ranked and respected hotel.

With a job contract! (and a slight eye infection but who cares?)

Reverse about three weeks, I got a message saying that they wanted me onboard, leaving no other information.

But it was enough to get the ball rolling.

After speaking to my current manager and with very mixed feelings, I resigned from the hotel which has felt like a second home for 2,5 years. But it was time to move on.

Walking along Oslo’s harbour this morning to the sound of sea gulls, I got an SMS reminder about the meeting:

The Future at THE THIEF. Starting 10 a.m.

And I smiled as I walked through the shiny doors and a man in a well-tailored suit looked at me and said:

Hello, you’re looking very radiant this morning!

Well thank you, I said. That’s because I’m here for a job interview.

After a tour of the hotel and practical information about the position, which is a function rotating around the reception area, lounge and conference rooms, I was convinced.

Not only because of the elegant interior design, cutting-edge art work and the attention to details.

Not even because of the endless possibilities to surpass guests expectations, ranging from a 24 hour open organic restaurant, a 750 square metres SPA and V.I.D = Very Important Dog care taking.

Nope. Because this fancy product comes wrapped in genuine, warm-hearted care for people’s lives and experiences.

Besides, any hotel that has gift-pens with Anaïs Nin quote, is a hotel of mine!