Another year older

It’s ten minutes after midnight and hence my 31st birthday.

Happy me!!! 🙂

Last year on this day I was celebrating my 30th with a crazy team of travellers on Gili Trawangan, outside Bali.

It was at the beginning of a beautiful seven months trip that took me through twelve countries. An experience that enriched my life in ways I might never understand.

In fact, it’s impossible to grasp the importance of each day, whether it is spent watching the sunrise from a sand dune in Namibia, snorkeling amongst sea turtles in Indonesia or riding a bus through the mountains of India…

Or just waking up in my own, comfy bed, in a beautiful and bright apartment in Norway, stepping out the door to the lively square to find that the neighbours have a flea market, chit-chat a bit and buy a cosy blanket.

Or the feeling of coming home to the same apartment after a long day when my roomie has lit candles in the hall way. A home with a fridge full of food and a wardrobe full of clothes.

Everything I need, and more.

This year took many interesting turns and I made more important decisions than ever before.

I became better at saying no and to stand up for myself. I kept my own promises and practiced discipline and self control. I did things differently and got different results. And reactions.

Some, which meaning, I might never understand.

But then again, a lot can happen in a year.