I just want to make people happy!

We were laying talking on top of my bed, me and my best friend Lorena, some time in August.

We talked about life and career choices, and she wondered if I had finally found what I wanted to do.

My answer came faster than I expected:

I just want to make people happy!

We laughed of course, because it was a spontaneous and innocent response.

Yes, I have found a profession where I get paid to make people happy, or at least content.

Hospitality is beautiful because it opens up doors (literally and figuratively) and bonds strangers and hosts.

What I love most about working in hotels is that initially, I have no idea who people are, what they do or why. But sometimes, if the door opens up a little wider, I get to see glimpses of their lives and strangers become friends.

Yesterday a man from Monaco was so happy with his stay at my hotel, he wanted to take a picture with me. The night before, after helping a guest with transport arrangements, I got a book signed by the author himself, Bedri Baykam – ‘known as Turkey’s Andy Warhol’ the cover informed me. The day before that a Norwegian couple stole my heart away by telling me about their marriage of forty years and how they are still crazy about each other.

There is a certain respect in hospitality. A pursuit to please. To put someone else’s needs first.

In India they take it even further, calling it Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning “The guest is God”.

Yes, there is something spiritual about hospitality…and humanity.