Operation change

It’s just past 7 pm but already dark outside.

I’m laying in the corner of my new couch looking around the room, on all the things that needs to be done. The table that still needs to be fixed to the wall, the shelves that needs to be put up, the lamp still missing in the ceiling and the mirror frame I meant to paint.

I moved in six months ago, but I just haven’t bothered to make it a home. I wasn’t home much this past summer anyway.

But now I will spend the next two weeks at home.

Recovering from the operation I’m doing tomorrow.

I’m finally getting rid of the tonsils that have bothered me for as long as I can remember, but more than ever in March when I was sick for a whole month in Cape Town.

I’m a little nervous for the surgery knowing I will be in terrible pain, but there is no turning back. My friend Iman is coming with me and my room mates have promised to provide me with ice cream and their best care.

I did my last day at Hotel Savoy today which was weird. Up until the last minute I was making sure everyone was getting their regular rooms and requests.

I will miss a lot of things, but I’m ready for change.