Stolen away from everyday life

December is here and what a year!

I won’t do the full sum-up yet but this is the beginning of the end of 2013 – a generous year of experiences, that keeps on coming.

Like being comfortably tucked in the most wonderful bed, in the most beautifully decorated room in the most exciting hotel, that I actually call my work-place!

The window to my little balcony is slightly open, letting fresh winter air into the room and light from the fjord, as I slouch down a little deeper into the pile of pillows.

Now I get what they’re saying!

I’ve worked at THE THIEF for a little over a month now and as an introduction, new employees get a free night’s stay-over, to know for them selves what it’s like to experience the hotel.

Hands down, the best idea ever.

Everyday, I hear guests rave about how well they’ve slept in these beds, how much they have enjoyed the in-room free coffee, the cozy guest robe and slippers, the beauty products, the service and the tasty food.

Tomorrow, I’ll be one of those people.

But now, my room-service has arrived!

Hade! 😉