Making room for change

Its 7 am on the morning of New Years Eve and Ive slept fragments for the last three hours.

But I’m not tired. I’m just laying listening to the rain.

I’be been staying over at a girlfriends place since I got back to Oslo. She broke up with her boyfriend and need some support. We’ve walked and talked, watched movies and re-arranged the apartment.

Making room for change.

And I can’t help but think of the changes in my own life; what I’ve experienced in 2013, what’s worth keeping and what’s worth letting go of, as I move into 2014.

I celebrated my last New Years with a group of fifteen amazing friends in a house by the sea in Cape Town. And tonight I will ring in the New Year with about the same amount of amazing colleagues at work, from the rooftop with the best view of Oslo.

The hotel is almost full, the suites are booked, the restaurant is packed and the bar will probably be busy.

I’ll be smiling and sending out my love. And my approval.

For whatever may be, will be.