Drunk on life!

January: ‘a white month’ for many. And I am not referring to the snow.

Me, I have no need for drastic decisions, or empty promises.

So I have started this year in the same way I finished the last; by enjoying this good space I’m in, working in the most beautiful environment, with the most wonderful colleagues and friends, making great connections, taking care of my health and my heart, getting drunk from time to time, living life and letting go.

Not taking things so seriously, as me my Moroccan-French-German friend concluded yesterday night somewhere between a bottle of red wine and a double whisky sour.

At the bar, we got talking to a young guy who confessed he wasn’t happy, in fact he was miserable every morning, every day, just longing to get away. Me and my friend looked at each other with this mutual, unspoken understanding and a smile: yes, we know this suffering, this conflict of the mind, this gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I watched my friend give all his love and wisdom to this young guy, coaching him with questions, getting his mind into a new wheel of thoughts and leaving him with a note to look up Eckhart Tolle and The Power Of Now.

And here’s what I love: being in a bar, a little drunk on whisky and wine, but mostly on life and it’s strange and soul-stirring ways.