Information overload

Day OFF.

It’s ice cold and windy outside.

I stay in and do absolutely nothing. Or do I…?

I’m sitting here with my MacBook Air in my lap, writing these words.

In the background, a funky SoundCloud mix is playing, one I just liked and shared on Facebook. Occasionally I change to Spotify, updating a playlist or two.

I’m answering incoming e-mails in both my Gmail account and my Outlook work mail.

Someone sent me an inspirational YouTube clip to checkout.

And there are about a week of daily ‘MindBodyGreen’ to go through. I place them in a folder along with ‘Notes from the Universe’ and ‘Zen Habits’ All which inspires for a more mindful, healthy way of living.

Reminds me to check out my SATS gym webpage. Which class had I signed up for today again?

My iPhone buzzes. It’s a new WhatsApp message from my friend in Cape Town. She wants to Skype.

I also notice I have a missed call (perhaps while I was in the kitchen making coffee?) an sms, two new Snapchats plus a new message on Tinder, a kind of casual flirting app I added on Saturday at a party with my girlfriends. It’s a database of men and women with a maximum of 5 images and 500 words, within a certain ratio. It’s connected with Facebook so you can see if you have shared interests and mutual friends (and in little ol’ Oslo you often do)

With about a millisecond of flipping through these pictures, I press ‘nope’, ‘nope’, ‘nope’ judging these sporty and often attractive Norwegian men in their skiing gear and knitted sweaters. Occasionally someone interesting comes along and if I press ‘like’ and he has done the same it’s a match and we can chat.

But I already have five other Facebook Messenger chats going and I’m getting a bit tired.

I check out Pinterest instead and pin pretty pictures of furniture and food to my inspiration board. And ‘yogagirl’s’ new pics on Instagram. And read her blog, which links to another, and another…and another.

I find myself at famous life coach Anthony Robbins site and his recent quote:

We’re drowning in information,

but we’re starving for wisdom.

Today’s truth.

I’m turning this computer