A trip, or three

The travellerExcuse the silence.

I’ve been away on a trip, or three.

It was about time I went to visit one of my best friends, Lorena, who has moved back to Switzerland after four years in South Africa.

She lives in the small town of Vevey, close to Lausanne. From there we went on a little train trip to Zermatt, one of the most beautiful locations in the Swiss Alps. We also met up with one of our dear friend’s from the Cape Town years, Marie, who came down from Zurich.

Even though I only stayed four days, it was all quality time and smiles.

And a whole lot of cheese and chocolate!

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Two weeks before I had been contacted by my old university, Akademi Båstad, and they had asked me to come hold a lecture on the hotel I work for, THE THIEF, and the hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels. Seeing I finished in 2007 and haven’t held a presentation since then I was a little nervous but mostly excited and happy to have a reason to visit.

I booked my flight back from Geneva to Copenhagen and from there Båstad was just an hour away. Seized the opportunity to visit some friends in Helsingborg, a city only 40 minutes away, where I stayed with my old class mate Kristin the first night and another friend I had made in Cape Town, Vivi, the second.

It was nostalgic to walk the streets of Båstad, remembering those wild years and where it brought me, which is here.


It was with a smile on my face I got on the train to Copenhagen, where I ended the weekend with new found friends, lots of good food, wine and more quality time.

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