These moments

It’s 2 a.m and I am absolutely exhausted, but I can’t sleep.

Faces and feelings from the last couple of days are stirring to the surface and spilling on the screen.

I just have to write, to let you know.


These moments will never come again:

All the guests that walk through the doors, that first hello.

The hotel, making history, we reap, we sow.

My life and it’s perfect flow.


So many people, so much energy around:

A friend in town for the night, crashing on my couch, laughing til I almost cry.

Drinks with a girlfriend in the sun, her eyes sparkling like wine.

Tapas and candle light, lazy Sunday, his hands in mine.


This is what I have to say:

Time is now, and love is the only way.

We rush around in circles, we chase our own tales.

But when we stop and pay attention, the beauty is there, in each day.


And I can go to sleep with this final thought:

My life may not always be this good, but while it is, I will enjoy it.

I owe that to anyone one who is less fortunate, right now.