Easter (things can wait)

It’s the Monday of this never-ending Easter.

Easter in Norway starts a weekend earlier than in the rest of the world. By noon on Friday people start packing up the office to go to their cabins (which are more like houses) in the country side, to do absolutely nothing for the next ten days.

The Norwegian culture could not be any better explained than by the countless pictures put up on social media during these days: cross-country skiing on semi-melted snow, careless strolls around the neighbourhood, endless hours on a patio or café doing absolutely nothing, but to ‘kose sig’ that is, to just enjoy.

Me, I worked all Easter. Days, evenings and night shifts. The hotel was very quiet, like the rest of Oslo. Banks and post offices were closed, news papers were printed before hand, things could wait.

It was nice.

Before and after work, I went for walks and talks with friends, went to see Wes Anderson’s cute, quirky Grand Budapest Hotel, had plenty of space to myself at the gym, took the free bus to IKEA, went out a few times, drinking and dancing, and watched MØ kick ass at Parkteatret.

And all the while, there was this great energy around.

Shining from the inside, out.