Early morning, everything is quiet.

Except for the soft sound of his breath, heavy dreaming and drugged out from his knee surgery. Wrapped up in bandage and still wearing the hospital name tag on his arm, he looks so cute. And every instinct in me wants to take care of him.

But I also feel a need to take care of myself.

It’s been a whirlwind of a time lately.

Me and Lee, the sleeping patient which breath has exceeded into a more snore-like sound right now, went to Berlin a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated his 30th birthday with a good friend of his, checked out really cool cafés, bars and night clubs and chilled out in the little studio we had rented, ordered room service and watched bad German TV.

Not long after we came back, my mom and her friend came to stay with me for the weekend. I was so happy to show them around Oslo which was at it’s best in sunshine and spring glory. We went to parks and strolled around the harbour. Checked out my cozy neighborhood and the fancy food markets. Had sundowner drinks at the roof top bar at my hotel and long dinners with great wine. At home mom and I lay in bed talking, like we do when we are on holidays together.

Saturday the 17th of May was Norway’s National Day with everything that it involves: the streets jam packed with people in folk costumes and flags, the sound of drums and trumpets, cheering and chatting.

Un top of this, the hotel is experiencing the busiest month since it’s opening. We are fully booked each night, the conference and event rooms are busy, the roof top bar and outdoor terrace gets packed on sunny day and the restaurant is doing their best to keep up every day.

We are getting solid good reviews, attention in international press and winning awards. We are on our toes and at our best.

We are stealing hearts, which is what we do at THE THIEF.

I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Speaking of, I need to get ready for another day.