Go with the flow weekend


To get home a little too late from work because you took a moment to stay and talk to your colleagues.

To invite your boyfriend over for dinner but in the end get too lazy from too much red wine you pop down to the local Italian place for pizza.

To end the night with tropical cocktails.

To take the free bus to IKEA but end up buying nothing but a plant.

To pop into a hotel roof top bar and end up buying more drinks than you should.

To sit and chat the hours away with friends in too much sunshine.

To walk by shops on the way home and find exactly the things you had looked for at IKEA.

To go to bed too early.

To surprise your boyfriend with a night at a SPA hotel, because you can.

To jump on a two hours train ride and leave your worries behind.

To reawaken you senses, to remember.

To be in the moment.

To relax so much you forget half of your luggage in the hotel room and have to run at the top of your lungs to go back and get it, catching your train (back to ‘reality’?) at the last minute.