Bob Dylan – 40 years later

I got a message from my sister last week:

So, Bob Dylan on Tuesday, what’s the plan?

In all honesty I had forgotten about the tickets we bought months ago, but I was off work for two days so all I had to do was get a bus to Gothenburg.

I’ve got quite a few friends in the area but many were away on holiday. Did however schedule to see my home-town friend Nicolas and his family, including the adorable less than one-year-old, Movits. It was love at first sight and I was so fortunate to stay over in their apartment, kiss the little kid goodnight and cuddle with him in the morning.

IMG_0554My sister is studying to be an art teaches, as well as Swedish for foreigners. She also works part time in a sport store and I always makes sure to get a good deal on runners and training outfits.

I left my shopping bags in the store as we went off to the outdoor venue where Bob Dylan was playing.

It was rainy and sunny at the same time and we were about half as old as the rest of the crowd.


The show was alright. Different than other shows I’ve been to. The crowd was quiet and it was hard to see if people were enjoying them selves. I guess it’s not the kind of music that makes you jump for joy.

We came to the conclusion that his music was probably best enjoyed at home, and so we listened to some tracks on Spotify on our laptops before we went to bed, making it more evident than anything, that we are of a different age.