Train thoughts

Riding trains and I remember to relax.

There is nowhere I need to be, nothing I need to do for the next five hours.

I pick up a shrimps sandwich and a beer from the bistro and enjoy the view as Scandinavian summer is rolling out its beauty in front of my eyes.


I’m on my way home.

A stopover in Stockholm before I head further north to my hometown, to my family and friends and all that I can’t express in words.

I left an Oslo under terror threat, or at least that’s what media wants me to believe and it makes me worried and I can’t help thinking how much we take for granted and how quick it can all be taken away.

So I choose my words wisely and I try to speak from my heart. I don’t hold back on thank you’s and I love you’s and I try to do my best.

Still, I wonder what it matters when I will eventually lose people I love and hurt more than my heart can bare.

The question isn’t if but when.