Faded summer skin

Summer ended as quickly as it had arrived.

It was one of the most intense Scandinavians summers I had experienced, and even now it seems almost like a dream…

You and me in the park, kissing, our skins that tanned, our faces freckled. The way you looked at me and how I saw your true self in that element of summer. How we went swimming and you convinced me to jump into the water although it scared me, but how I realized how much I trust you, how much I love you.

And here comes the fall with rain and cold air. And I’m not ready.

My mom and I had planned a week’s holiday in Greece by the first week of September and we were both really looking forward to it, as it would mean that last bit of sunshine and warmth to get us through the winter. My poor mom then went and got rammed by another bike and broke her arm and can not do much until it heals. So we cancelled the trip of course. I’m now really indecisive as to what to do that week and battling between just remaining here in Oslo and save up cash or jump on a plane by myself somewhere.

Lee and I went to Bergen two weekends ago which was a lovely little escape. Caught the train for about 7 scenic hours and checked into a great little hotel. Spent the next two days checking out the town and meeting up with a friend, doing simple hiking and admiring the views, eating fresh sea food down the harbour and drinking champagne in bed while watching bad movies. It was perfect.

As much as Oslo is a great hub and place to work, it lacks a lot of the spirit I’ve found in other places, and I sometimes feel anger and resentment towards this newly rich country and the younger generations ignorant and unmindful approach.

It reminds me of what I truly value in life.

And that won’t fade with the fall.