September took it’s last sigh and gave space for October.

I try to stay present but every day seems to slip away so fast.

Like the ever changing autumn landscape flashing by my window.

It seems I only find stillness while moving.

On a train to Stockholm for the weekend and one of the few without my boyfriend. For the last couple of months I have alternated between working the weekends or spending time with him.

This time it’s me time.

But this time is different.

I used to be so consumed by my own life. I’d spend hours contemplating, writing and reflecting. This very blog is proof of it and in many ways a constant through the many changes of the last 6 years. (6 years!)

I wasn’t committed to any one man, or any one place. I made friends, so many amazing friends, but at the end of the day I moved on with one belief. That there was more.

Call it restlessness if you want, but how can we ever appreciate a home unless we’ve been lost?

This time is different.

I think in terms of us. I react to his ways, to his words. He reacts to mine.

We fall and fumble and find our way home to each others arms.

We are still two people but we make one team.

And as I go away on my little adventure this weekend, I’m dedicated to arrive home a better team player.