November haze

Monday and a new start of some sort.

I caught the classic dragged out November cold and can’t remember when I last felt energetic or refreshed.

As if someone had pulled a thick heavy blanket over me, I was low and emotional, sick and tired.

Even the most exciting thing, like the fact that me and Lee booked a trip to New York and Costa Rica in February next year, seemed difficult to process, and in a way, became one of many tasks at our table.

After two really tiring weeks, with nothing but dark skies and rain, we had forgotten to look each other in the eyes, to really hold each other’s hands. Perhaps, with almost a year into the relationship, we had started to take each other slightly for granted.

Life tends to get familiar on us.

But with puffy eyes and heavy heads we dragged ourselves out to a Sunday brunch at a local café. And with the help of a big pot of coffee and candle light we caught each other smiling again, sharing thoughts and ideas about where we are now, and where we want to go. Together.

Today, after a sweaty hot yoga class, a good detox green juice, a hearty vegetarian meal and a clean up of the apartment, I feel surprisingly….energetic and refreshed.