The real remedy

When I wrote my last blog post, I thought I was at a turning point.

But actually, I went even further off track.

Every day that week I felt like I was digging a deeper hole for myself. I couldn’t sleep. I constantly checked my phone. I cried for no reason.

Lee was far away doing field work on the Norwegian fjords without reception, not knowing the emotional drama that was building up in my head.

He was surprised when i told him I thought I needed supplements for winter depression.

After a week of a constant, lingering sense of sadness, I went into an alternative health shop and came out with a bag of Spirulina powder, St John’s-wort, Omega-3 Oil and Vitamin B. I started adding it to my raw juices and smoothies, waiting for my mood to improve.

I was still feeling low when I saw him for the first time since last weekend’s brunch date.

But with the atmosphere of the pop-up restaurant we were at, in the company of our mutual friends, eating a spicy hearty Moroccan meal I started to warm up.

And that night we went out to the pub and shared a laugh and met new people, and ran into more friends, and got a little tipsy, and walked and talked the whole way home.

Not too say that we don’t need our vitamins and minerals, but I realized that the real remedy for this darkness is the closeness, connectedness and comfort of our loved ones.