Thoughts and Thank You’s

November is almost finished.

Everywhere around me there are signs that December and Christmas is around the bend.

Last night I noticed that the park where we lay kissing last summer is covered in frost.

Today, the first snow fell.

I’ve been living in a bubble lately. Attending to my commitments but not appreciating what’s around me.

Just like the soreness from my recent workouts, I need to embrace the pain of break-through.

I started lifting my gaze again.

Giving thanks to everything around me.


I have a job that allows me to meet people from all over the world. Yesterday a family from Tibet. Today a crew of TV-celebraties.

I have wonderful colleagues that show the way everyday. In the most beautiful setting.

I have friends and family that allows me to be myself. That I can turn to and talk to, no matter what.

I have a boyfriend that loves me even at my worst and inspires me to be my best. 

I have a place to call home that reflects the many paths I’ve taken.

I have safety, comfort, happiness and health.

I am living the life of my dreams! And even more so, I am constantly creating new dreams that I know I have the power to realize.

How amazing is that!

Today will never come again, but all the thoughts and thank you’s that I have today, will make a better tomorrow.

With a smile, goodnight.