Home for the holidays

I’m sitting comfortably in a spacious seat in a silent train car travelling along the coast from Stockholm to Hudiksvall.

One my one side, a woman is quietly knitting and on the other, there are big wide windows to the frost-covered landscape.

There is free wifi and good ‘bottomless’ coffee. A well-assorted bistro with healthy snacks and food. A staff that is actually there to serve you. (Ok, the last bit was a little crack at Norway. You need to live there to understand)

I’m going home for Christmas and I’m so excited to spend time with friends and family, many which I haven’t seen for six months or more.

I feel my shoulders drop, my body giving into the sway of the fast train.


The feel of my cosy jumper.

The taste of the coffee and rye bread.

The sound of the woman’s knitting needles.

I know I haven’t posted much on this blog of late, and actually the last six months less than ever. As much as I’ve needed time to experience every day, once I sit down and write, I realize I need this to apprehend and appreciate the magic of every moment that make up my life.

God Jul!