This beautiful scene

It’s 7 am and I am having coffee in my little kitchen. Standing by the counter as there are no chairs. I didn’t want the sound of my crumbling crisp bread sandwich to wake him up.

We were up late but I still can’t sleep. I have about an hour until I need to get ready for work.

An hour stolen, standing here, looking out my window to the dark, naked trees, a city that is drunk asleep, like my baby’s warm body in my bed.

A feeling of peace comes over me.

My life is perfect.

Flashback to yesterday’s dinner with my colleagues at a fancy waterfront seafood restaurant. The king crab and the Alsace wine. The coconut and pineapple pannacotta. The great conversations.

How my battery ran out so that I couldn’t get a hold of him, but how I wished, like a scene out of movie that he would be standing by my door.

And he did.

What scares me is that if this was a movie these would be the scenes before everything changes.

A young and promising 30-something couple, living in a busy city, going on weekend trips with friends, getting their coffees from a little corner cafe and talking about where in the world they want to go next.

But with flight tickets booked to Copenhagen next weekend, New York and Costa Rica two weeks after, how easily we forget…

That the beauty of this moment, this perfect scene, can and will change.

But not until I’ve enjoyed it fully.